How do I know my cat has arthritis?

by Alex De Cort on Apr 11, 2021

artritis en gatos, anxious cat standing up in agressive position

Cat arthritis: How do I know if my cat is in pain?

Arthritis it's a disease that degenerates the joints causing pain and rigidity in them, limiting their mobility. And it's very common in older cats.

The main symptoms are:

Unwillingness to move: If you realize that your cat prefers not to stand up, it might be caused by the pain he is going through.

He won’t be enthusiastic about running and walking like he did before or playing the games he used to love. Calming this pain will give them the appetite for life and adventures again.


Limping: A way for you to know if your feline friend has arthritis is to see if he walks differently. The pain will stop him from moving around like he used to. 


Rigidity:  This disease causes rigidity in joints.

Crying: Just like humans, cats that experience pain tend to express it by making a particular moaning sound. Especially when the sensible area is in contact with something or someone.

Lack of enthusiasm: When pets are in pain, they prefer to be alone. They will become disinterested in playing and they will not show enthusiasm when you call him.  

Licking his "wounds' ': Frequently when a bruise hurts them , it's common for them to lick at the place that it hurts trying to take care of it.


Being exhausted:  Being in constant pain is exhausting. That's why fatigue in cats with arthritis will be more frequent during the day.

What can i do? 

First, if you see any of these signs of pain in cats, contact your vet. Unfortunately there’s no cure for arthritis. There are some treatments that your vet can recommend but they are not that effective.

Cares that you can have to control their pains

Even though cats arthritis has not had a cure, there are some care that you can have in mind for making their lives easier.

Looking after his diet:  One of the main causes of this disease is being overweight and the ones that suffer it tend to be more in pain than others. You can create a special diet for weight loss with the help of your vet so their pain levels decrease.

Exercise:   It's important  that he gains back his mobility and this can be done with light exercise. It will also be good for him if he suffers from being overweight .

Keeping him calm:  Your pet will be more sensitive to certain sounds or environments. Try to maintain a clean home and if any guests come to visit keep him in a quiet room and comfortable room.

Improve his comfort: Make sure that he sleeps in a soft bed, or if you can buy him an specific orthopedic bed for cats with arthritis. They should avoid slippery floors for not causing any worst injuries. Help them to go up and down the stairs, there are the same ramps that will make it easier for them to move. On chilly days keep them warm so as their muscles won't get any more rigid and cold.

Be patient:  As his cat owner, do not forget that there are very strong pains which make your furry friend incapable of acting like he used to. He won't be able to run or walk like he used to, he will need some time.