CandidTails is a pet company co-founded by 4 entrepreneurs who got united by a common purpose, a shared love for animals. 

We all agreed that seeing our pets live joyful and healthy is unprecedented and after sharing experiences about feeling powerless to help our four-legged friends, we decided to make a change and motivate other owners to take care of their best friend.  

For us, Sander & Anton, it was about our border collie, Chika. 

In 2016, Chika suffered a severe head injury that left her incapable of playing loosely again. Luckily, Anton worked at a CBD company in the US that allowed us to test the natural solution that provided her with some comfort during her recovery; a few months later, we started noticing that she was seen happier again and doing well during thunderstorms. 

For me, Eugenio, coming back from Argentina, I always had a passion for animals and pets overall. When I was a child, I even wanted to be a veterinarian because of my love for dogs, mainly German Shepherds. This for me is "Bruma", whom I miss extensively.

When it comes to hemp-derived products containing CBD, it was not a big thing in my country. However, I knew it was a foreseeable tendency coming from the nearby countries. Currently, I'm happy to give him the chance to improve his quality of life as he gets older. 

For me, Alex, it's about the dog I never had.

We didn't have the space for one at home, so my family and I got a rabbit called Cookie, who turned ten and a half (quite old for a rabbit). I projected all my pet love on Cookie. We even watched football on the sofa together. However, as he became older, his appetite decreased because of an infection in his mouth. Finally, after two trips to the vet, they told us they couldn't do much more and that we had to enjoy our last moments with our little friend as much as possible. This is what pet ownership is all about - taking care of our best friends.  

And with this being said, CandidTails was born.

However, we are not doing this alone. While sharing our stories about how Hemp helped our pets, we found out that there were many more like us. Many more who love their pet and want to contribute to making this pet health company a reality. 

Join us on our journey to empower people to take care of their best friend