First week (first seven days) using cannabinoids:

A dosage of 1,4mgCBD/kg/day is recommended (as shown in the table for week 1) to rapidly activate the endocannabinoid system. 

Week 2+:

A maintenance dosage is recommended after one week of using cannabinoids-rich pellets following the standard of 0,7 mg/kg/da(see the table above in week 2+ for the exact quantity of pellets).

  • For mobility-related problems: a standard dose of 0,7 mg/kg/day will often be enough 
  • For behavioral issues: a dose 1,4 mg/kg/day can be needed during situational triggers (transportation, new environments,...). For daily stress the maintenance dose of 0,7mg/kg can be enough
  • For skin problems: a dose of 1,4mg/kg/day can be needed during periods of acute itching and irritation..

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