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Chika The Thunder Collie

by Candid Tails on May 11, 2022

Chika The Thunder Collie

As a Border Collie, Chika lives the dream. Every day she runs around, chases sheep, annoys the horses and makes sure everyone is safe. She is always watching over us and taking care of our little animal community and family.

The horses may be a hundred times her size, but this doesn’t stop her from following her instincts and doing her duty. She is absolutely fearless.

She really is… unless when it comes to thunderstorms. Living in Belgium, the sky tends to get clouded, and the loud noises of Thunder used to freak her out completely. She’d be shaking, scratching the door and barking hysterically screaming for help. All symptoms, I know now, of severe anxiety.

It was precisely during such a storm that our family realized/became conscious of CBD's potential. A couple of drops of CBD oil before a storm didn’t change the terrible weather in Belgium, but it did completely change her attitude towards it. Finally, she was capable of giving the lightning a place. Chika remained calm and peaceful.

Since that day onwards, we always have CBD on our shelf. Just in case the clouds predict bad news.

In the most recent years, we even started giving CBD to her daily. No, the weather in Belgium didn’t get worse, but our little Chika got older. She was once hit by a horse and it took a toll on her mobility. With CBD, however, she runs around and plays just as she was a puppy again. It is wonderful to see how much happier she is, now that she’s comfortable and without pain.

People sometimes ask us if giving it to her daily won’t be harmful in the long run. But I’ve done my research, and being an all natural product I know it isn’t. All it does is improve her quality of life and who knows? The CBD may even be killing cancer cells as a side effect!

Having this knowledge, I decided that more animals should have access to CBD. So my brother and I founded CandidTails. To help other pet owners take care of their best friend

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