How do I know my cat has anxiety?

by Alex De Cort on Apr 10, 2021

ansiedad en gatos, young light grey kitten with blue eyes laying on the ground staring at something

The main symptoms of anxiety in CATS are: 

Meowing: When your cat keeps making their signature sound, even though they are fed, safe and shouldn’t be complaining, it might be because they feel irrationally afraid.

Hiding: If your cat’s favourite place is under the sofa, it might be time to ask your veterinarian about the benefits of CBD. Your cat may realize that sitting on top of the sofa, or on your lap is a lot more comfortable. 

Aggression: We all know the hissing sound of an angry cat. If this happens to your kitty a lot it might be because her anxiety triggers the “fight or flight” stimulus. CBD has shown very effective result agains this. 

Destroying furniture: This is a red flag. Your cat is stressed out about threats from the outside and in this way wants to show that she owns this sofa or chair.  

Following you around the house: Alright, to be candid, I love when my cat does this. However, it could be that she is literally afraid to be alone. This I didn’t want either. Now she has CBD and we still hang out ALL THE TIME. However, she is more relaxed and playful. 

Not eating: Not eating , or just a change in the eating patterns are definitely a reason to give your veterinarian a call. 

Vomiting: Just like humans, cats can have the urge to vomit due to stress. 

Excessive grooming: Nothing wrong with cleaning yourself once in a while. But if you cat is grooming A LOT, this might be for anxiety reasons as well. 

Restlessness: If mr whiskers is restless, and moving around all the time, there might be something on her mind. Cat’s don’t always have stress for rational reasons, so CBD can help you take care of them. 

Laziness: On the other extreme, if your cat isn’t playing as much as it used to, and loses all it interest in it’s human, it might be that your cat is anxious. However, there are various reasons for such a behavior, hence we advice you to ask your veterinarian what to do. 

Urinating As a consequence of territorial anxiety, your cat might start peeing more than normal. Most of the time this will be around windows, on doors, or any other place where a possible intruder could enter his kingdom.  

Avoidance of doors and windows can be another way your kitten copes with the stress of the dangers from the outside world.