How do I know my rabbit has anxiety?

by Alex De Cort on Apr 10, 2021

ansiedad en conejos, anxious grey-white rabbit looking out for threaths

The main symptoms of anxiety in RABBITS are:

Freezing: If you just freeze, it is probably a sign that she is nervous. Often this will be in combination with trying to become as small as possible by pressing their ears against her body. 

Big eyes: Big bulging eyes are often a sign that your rabbit is looking at something they feel they should fear.

Aggression: If your rabbit becomes aggressive (i.e when picking it up) this is because their anxiety triggers a fight or flight response. CBD can reduce the anxiety, making your rabbit easier to handle. 

Heavy breathing: Similarly to humans, when anxiety is becoming too much, rabbits will start breathing heavily. 

Repeated movements: Some bite their nails, others shred items they have in their cage. Rabbits cope with their stress by biting their bottles or bars or by stamping their feet.