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CBD Balm for Pets

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Our Nose & Paw balm is suitable for all breeds and ages. All ingredients are carefully selected by our veterinarian. The Balm can be used:
• For dry and cracked noses and paws
• On top of hotspots or any other area of the skin that needs hydration
• Over skin parts with lack of moisturizing
• Over skin areas where the skin needs conditioning

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CBD Balm for Pets

CBD Balm for Pets

Regular price €19,99
Sale price €19,99 Regular price €5,79

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Benefits of our Nose & Paw balm

Crafted with the best nature has to offer including one of it's more powerful herbs: Hemp with CBD & CBG

Nose & Paw Care

✅ Hydrates and nourishes the nose and paws keeping them soft, healthy and moisturized
✅ With a thin layer of the balm, you can protect your pet's footpads from salt and heated asphalt relieving discomfort they may cause
✅ Especially useful when your pet has cracks in their noses or paws. Also works for chafed elbows and damaged ears

Change of seasons

✅ The Paw & Nose balm for dogs can also be used over irritated skin that needs to be moisturized
✅ The balm can hydrate areas of the affected by the change of seasons
✅ The Paw balm can condition dry skin to maintain it's natural health and feel
✅ The CBD & CBG paw Balm is composed from natural ingredients such as tocopheryl acetate that can condition and sooth the most sensitive of skin

Skin support

✅ The CBD Nose & Paw Balm can provide joint support by applying a layer of our balm on top of the affected area
✅ The Beeswax in our balm makes a film forming effect creating a thin layer on the skin's surface
✅ It's content of Beeswax can can provide protection and enhance the appearance of the skin

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5 1500+ of happy pet owners

Trusted by hundreds of pet-owners

Softer paws

Since I started using the balm on Rosy's paws they are softer, I am very happy


Already seeing results!

I have been using it for a week with my dog and I am already seeing great effects. It is an awesome product.

Kevin D.

Thanks Candid Tails

My dog wants to thank Candid Tails. She is in love with the product, and so are we!

Igor Donck

Awesome product

I've been using it for a week with my dog and I'm already seeing great effects! Awesome product!!! 😀✌🏼

Arthur Grisar

Very pleased

I was very pleased that my order was shipped quickly. I was without product for a week and really noticed the difference.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

CBD Balm for Pets

Victoria P.
CBD Balm

Hemos estado usado el bálsamo para la piel y heridas de un perro que acabamos de acoger y antes su piel era pura costra y heridas y su pelo estaba lleno de caspa por culpa de las mismas costras. Desde que lo empezamos a usar su piel está mucho más suave e incluso ya no tiene caspa. Lo recomiendo al 100% ya que ha tenido resultados muy reales y ningún otro producto ha funcionado como este.

Danny D.
CBD balm

Enorm blij met deze balsem dankzij Troetels Ramsel.
Een paar x per week aanbrengen in de plooi boven de mopsneus en finito jeuk en irritatie.

Fabiana Duarte
É muito bom para as patinhas

Desde que comecei a meter as patinhas da Rosinha estão mais suaves, estou muito satisfeita

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