How do I know my dog has anxiety?

by Alex De Cort on Mar 02, 2021

como saber si mi perro tiene ansiedad, a cute brown dog with red collar is sitting straight in the backseat of a car lurking out the window

The main symptoms of anxiety in DOGS are: 

Pacing: Think about it. How often have you caught yourself walking from one side of the room to another because you where nervous about god knows what? Dogs have the same tendency.

Excessive barking: Yes, it might be that your dog just saw a bird or a squirrel in the garden. However, when you often notice your dog barking without any apparent reason, you might want to consult your vet about CBD.

Position of the ear:  ears flattened

Position of the tail: tail tucked

Run and Hide: Unless you are playing hide and seek with your dog, this is often a sign of anxiety. It can be that your dog hides under a sofa, behind a tree or behind you, the owner. Although this last one can be perceived as cute, it does signal that your buddy might be overly afraid. Note: it might also be that your dog is digging because he is trying to hide!

Aggression: Or maybe your dog doesn’t choose flight, but fight. As a dog owner it can be a real pity if your dog tends to get aggressive because you can’t take it anywhere. CBD has been found especially effective in decreasing aggressive behaviour in dogs. One should also bear in mind that dogs that initially always were sweet, might display behavioural changes when they get older.

Not eating: If your dogs stops eating on your regular schedule, this could be a sign of anxiety. However, this could mean many things so we advise to always consult your veterinarian in this case.

Eating furniture: Or better put: totally destroying it. Most dogs can be trained to stop this behaviour. But some just really hate your sofa.

Yawning: Yes, yawning! It could also be because they are tired, of course. But research shows that dogs also yawn when they are anxious.

Drooling: Unless you are serving your dog a delicious meal, drooling could be a symptom of anxiety. In this case he’d probably prefer some CBD over a bone.

Peeing: It might be that he is expanding his territory. However, if you notice an excessive amount of urination and more than what you consider normal, consult your vet.