What if my dog has a dry nose, is it a bad thing?

by Candid Tails on Apr 21, 2022

What if my dog has a dry nose, is it a bad thing?

We always worry when we notice something different about our pet and as smell is the most important sense for dogs, if we notice our dog has a dry nose, we tend to think it is a bad thing. There is no doubt that a wet nose in dogs is very important, not only to intensify odors but also to improve air circulation.

There are many reasons why your dog may have a dry nose and not all of them are related to health problems, and even healthy dogs can have episodes of going from wet to dry during the day. If you've been wondering why this happens, read on to find out some of the reasons why.

Why does my dog have a dry, crusty nose?

The weather

In places where temperatures tend to be very extreme, it is normal for dogs to find it more difficult to keep their noses moist. Extreme heat shocks can result in a hot dry nose and even sunburns; and cold, dry air can cause small cracks to appear. Continued exposure to the sun or heat source, air conditioning or sea water can also contribute to a dog's dry, cracked nose.


Some dogs do not hydrate sufficiently because the water they have access to is not fresh enough or is dirty. It is advisable to change the water in the bowl frequently, especially in the warmer months, so that the water is always fresh. Also, remember to clean the drinking bowl.

Low defenses

A dry nose can also be a symptom of a problem with the immune system. It is best to see your vet to find out what could be causing these low defenses.


This virus can cause your dog's muzzle to look dry and cracked. If your dog has other symptoms such as diarrhea, poor appetite, vomiting or a runny nose, you need to see your vet.

Canine nasal hyperkeratosis

This is due to an excess production of keratin, a protein, which mainly affects the dog's nose and pads. Its effects are a thickening and hardening of the affected area of the skin which can, in severe cases, crack.

How to regenerate a dog's muzzle?

  • Wash his nose with a soft dog soap. 
  • Apply a cream or balm to moisturize the area. You can apply up to a couple of times a day, as needed.
  • If you don't see any improvement, see your vet to rule out possible illnesses.

Natural nose balm for dogs

Candid Tails CBD balm is made for treating your dog's dry nose and paws, as its Aloe Vera, Rosemary Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Beeswax content makes it ideal for moisturizing the dry area and protecting the nose from the sun. It also contains CBD, which can help repair and regenerate the cracked area and soothe irritation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

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