Petibidiol- 2,5% Broad spectrum CBD Oil for Cats
Petibidiol- 2,5% Broad spectrum CBD Oil for Cats
Petibidiol- 2,5% Broad spectrum CBD Oil for Cats

Petibidiol- 2,5% Broad spectrum CBD Oil for Cats

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Product description

Our Petibidiol for cats - A 2,5% Broad Spectrum CBD oil for Cats, is an all-natural solution specially developed for pet parents who want to give a healthy boost to their pet. It is in particular useful for cats with stress or pain related issues but can also be a wonderful boost to your healthy pet's diet. It has a salmon oil carrier to make sure your cat loves the taste. This oil is also suitable for small dogs. 

Naturally, our CBD oil for Cats is: 

  • 100% natural and vegan
  • 3rd party lab tested, to ensure only the best CBD oil is given to your cat.
  • Formulated with veterinarians so that all ingredients used work in synergy to give a boost to your pet's wellbeing

 CBD oil for stress related issues in Cats

  • Can help cats with general anxiety to cope better with everyday stresses and feel calmer and in control of emotions.
  • Helpful for separation anxiety in cats of pet parents that have to leave the house for more than 6 hours every day.
  • Commonly used to cope with stresses caused by loud noises like thunderstorm and fireworks.
  • Perfect for pet parents that like traveling with their cat but don’t want them to be nervous during car rides or plane flights.
  • May help with aggression in cat towards strangers and other animals. 

CBD oil for pain management in Cats

  • Has shown to be effective for pain management and is therefore commonly used for chronical pains caused by joint issues. 
  • Helps keeping cats active and mobile which will in return be beneficial for the health of their joints.
  • Commonly used in older cats that are losing mobility or for keeping the joints of younger and very active cats strong and healthy.
  • When your pet has undergone an operation, CBD oil may help improving the quality of life of your cat during the recovery process.

CBD oil for overall wellbeing of your Cat

  • Naturally boosts the immune system and increases the overall wellbeing of cats.
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that cats cannot produce themselves but are very necessary for maintaining a healthy skin & coat.

    How much CBD should I give my Cat? 

    By scanning the QR code on the top of our bottle, you will be guided to our dosage calculation chart. 

    What does science say? 

    Clinical Studies about CBD and the endocannabinoid system have been accumulating and the results are very positive. If you want to get deeper into this topic, we have summarized most of the research which you can find here

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