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Hemp Oil W/ 700mg Naturally Occuring CBD For Medium Sized Dogs (13kg-25kg)

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Our Petibidiol for medium sized dogs naturally contains 700mg CBD of hemp oil, salmon oil and chamomile. It is an all natural solution that boosts your pet's wellbeing in several ways:

✅Calming support
✅Joint support
✅Skin maintenance

Furthermore, this oil is:

🌿 100% natural
Ω High in omega 3, 6 and vitamin E
❎ Sugar free
🌍 Produced free of pesticides
🔬 3re party lab tested
🩺 Veterinarian approved

📲 Quantity guidelines and instructions of use can be found by scanning the QR code on the product packaging.
⚕️ Lasts 30+ days when used daily for dogs up to 22 kg
Our CBD is derived from hemp and occurs in a natural manner, following the European legislative guidelines.

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Hemp Oil W/ 700mg Naturally Occuring CBD For Medium Sized Dogs (13kg-25kg)

Hemp Oil W/ 700mg Naturally Occuring CBD For Medium Sized Dogs (13kg-25kg)

Regular price €36,99
Sale price €36,99 Regular price €5,50

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Why adding hemp oil with CBD to your dog's diet?

Hemp oils with natural occurring CBD combined with salmon oil and chamomile are a wonderful healthy boost for your pets quality of life

Calming support

✅ May be helpful to support dogs that are left home alone
✅ Commonly used for loud noises like thunderstorm and fireworks
✅ Perfect for dog parents that like traveling with their dog that doesn't like car drives or plane flights
✅ Can serve as a great complement for dog training purposes
✅ Can support your dog when going out to busy and overwhelming places

Joint support

✅ Its high content of omega 3 & 6 can help keep dogs active and mobile which will in return be beneficial for the health of their joints
✅ Commonly used in older dogs with a reduced desire to move
✅ Can improve the quality of life of your dog during recovery processes
✅ Can help support healthy hips, joints and bones

Healthy Skin and Coat

✅ It's high content in Vitamin E makes it the supplement that you pet needs
✅ May provide support during change of seasons
✅ Contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that are necessary to maintain a healthy skin and coat

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5 1500+ of happy pet owners

Trusted by hundreds of pet-owners

Optimal for trips and for better behavior

The best solution to cope with his behavior when travelling, in addition to all the other advantages it offers

Fabiana Duarte

Already seeing results!

I have been using it for a week with my dog and I am already seeing great effects. It is an awesome product.

Kevin D.

Thanks Candid Tails

My dog wants to thank Candid Tails. She is in love with the product, and so are we!

Igor Donck

Awesome product

I've been using it for a week with my dog and I'm already seeing great effects! Awesome product!!! 😀✌🏼

Arthur Grisar

Very pleased

I was very pleased that my order was shipped quickly. I was without product for a week and really noticed the difference.


Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Anneke Freijsen
Kale buik

Ma jaren bijten en krabben op haar onderbuik is sinds het gebruik van pitibitiol weer haar aan het groeien op mijn kat Truffel. Ze rent terug, speelt en haar dagelijks overgeven van haarballen is nu om de 2 of 3 dagen geworden. Ben er heel blij mee.

Inge Van Herck
Ik ben opnieuw een happy doggy!

Hoi, ik ben Gina, een Spaanse mix hond met 15 of 16 lentes op de teller en zo fit als een hoentje. Nu ja, zo voel ik me vandaag opnieuw dankzij deze CBD olie, want een jaartje geleden werden de gewrichtspijnen me best wel te veel. Ik heb geen pijn meer wanneer ik de auto in gezet word, kan terug 10km snuffelwandelen en voel me weer happy! Zo happy dat ik het ook de dokter verteld heb die op haar beurt ook andere hondjes kon helpen. Leuk, toch!

Ianthe Rose
DELIGHTED by the results

The CBD has been life changing for my rescue dog, Connie. I am DELIGHTED by the results the CBD has had on our Connie. Honestly, I can’t recommend Candid Tails more. I am very pleased to have found you guys.

Lut Van Bogaert
Super tevreden

Super tevreden. Een heel goede uitleg gehad. Zelf nu nog indien bijkomende vragen altijd onmiddellijk antwoord. Super vriendelijk en steeds paraat om de nodige uitleg te geven. Mijn Golden Retriever begint er baat bij te hebben. Bedankt Cadid Tails

Patje van Geysel
Zeker aanrader

Zeer tevreden over de CBD druppels! Mijn hondje een Shi-Tsu is 16 jaar en heel onrustig. Door de druppels te geven gaat het vele beter met hem.. Zeker een aanrader!

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