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Calm+ Dog Snacks - 150gr

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Calm+ is a natural dog treat that uses mother nature's finest selection of calming herbs 🍃

🌿 Hemp
🌾 Chamomile
🏵️ Rose Root
🌱 Lemon Balm

Each snack contains naturally occurring CBD and is based on insect protein. All snacks are hypoallergenic and sugar free. They can also help with itchiness of the skin.

This is what we consider the perfect healthy snack for dogs that are quickly overwhelmed by their environment.

This snack is often used during fireworks 🎆, during separation periods in which you leave your dog alone, visits to the veterinarian and other exciting events

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Calm+  Dog Snacks - 150gr

Calm+ Dog Snacks - 150gr

Regular price €38,50
Sale price €38,50 Regular price

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Benefits of our Calm+ natural dog treats

Crafted with the best nature has to offer including one of its more powerful herbs: Hemp with naturally occurring CBD.

Maintaining a sense of calm

✅ Calm+, dog treats for dogs are often used during events that cause loud noises like fireworks, thunderstorms or music festivals nearby
✅ Calm+ dog treats can support your pet during car rides, flights or other methods of traveling in case this scares him
✅ Calm+ dog treats may help your dog that is left home alone for 6+ hours
✅ Calm+ dog treats may help maintain a sense of calm in your dog while meeting strangers or other dogs in public

Overall wellbeing

✅ Chamomile is regarded as a mild tranquilizers and has been praised for centuries for its potential to help maintaining a calm disposition
✅ Lemon balm also was used as far back as the Middle Ages to help comfort men
✅ Rose Root is believed to help regulate the heartbeat and is often used as a calming herb
✅ Protein derived from hemp and insects for a smaller ecological footprint
✅ Psyllium husk powder to help with your dog's digestion
✅ Cannabinoids help bring the endocannabinoid system of your dog into balance

Why our Mobility+ Snacks?

✅ This product contains hemp flour which, naturally contains CBD
✅ Our Calm+ snacks contain rose root, making it a perfect supplement for your pet
✅ They contain a psyllium husk powder, making it a great complement dogs' food high in fiber
✅ This snack contains insect-based proteins, considered a novel protein

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5 1500+ of happy pet owners

Trusted by hundreds of pet-owners

No more stress

The best product! My dog gets scared easily, but this product helps him a lot to calm down in stressful situations. Thank you


Already seeing results!

I have been using it for a week with my dog and I am already seeing great effects. It is an awesome product.

Kevin D.

Thanks Candid Tails

My dog wants to thank Candid Tails. She is in love with the product, and so are we!

Igor Donck

Awesome product

I've been using it for a week with my dog and I'm already seeing great effects! Awesome product!!! 😀✌🏼

Arthur Grisar

Very pleased

I was very pleased that my order was shipped quickly. I was without product for a week and really noticed the difference.


Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mal empezamos...

En el bote pone que vienen más de 60 snacks. Lo he comprado hoy y para saber para cuanto tiempo cundiría (porque no es barato), los he contado: 51.
Mi perro pesa 20 kg, por lo que segun las instrucciones, necesita 3 snacks al día. 40 euros para 17 dias y recordemos que es un producto natural, por lo que no se ven efectos inmediatamente, sino con el paso de los días.
Me parece una estafa, empezando porque ni siquiera es real la i formación que aparece en el bote.

Ianthe Rose
DELIGHTED by the results

The CBD has been life changing for my rescue dog, Connie. I am DELIGHTED by the results the CBD has had on our Connie. Honestly, I can’t recommend Candid Tails more. I am very pleased to have found you guys.

Lut Van Bogaert
Super tevreden

Super tevreden. Een heel goede uitleg gehad. Zelf nu nog indien bijkomende vragen altijd onmiddellijk antwoord. Super vriendelijk en steeds paraat om de nodige uitleg te geven. Mijn Golden Retriever begint er baat bij te hebben. Bedankt Cadid Tails

Patje van Geysel
Zeker aanrader

Zeer tevreden over de CBD druppels! Mijn hondje een Shi-Tsu is 16 jaar en heel onrustig. Door de druppels te geven gaat het vele beter met hem.. Zeker een aanrader!

Barbara Hommerson
Very Happy

Very happy with the Mobility snacks! My 10year old bouvier really moves better since I gave her the tablets! I add them to her food but she will eat them from the hand too.

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