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Our 3S shampoo is suitable for all breeds and ages. It main benefits are SHINE, SMELL & SOFTNESS. The hemp oil helps for the softness & shine of the coat. Violet is added for it's aromatherapeutic benefits for dogs.  

How to use our 3S shampoo

Step 1: Brush the dog using our candid brush :) 

Step 2: Wet the coat with warm water. Don’t make it uncomfortably hot! You can check the temperature with your hand. The water should stream downwards from the neck and away from the face.  

Step 3:  Shake the shampoo before using. You can apply the shampoo directly to the fur but if you prefer diluted, dilute 3:1. You can also pour the shampoo (diluted or undiluted) in our candid brush. This may help the shampoo to be dispensed deeply into to fur until the skin.  

Step 4: Wash the dog a first time. The shampoo will bind with the dirt and get rid of it. Wash the whole body but not the face! 

Step 5: Rinse out the first layer of shampoo, your friend will already look quite pretty. 

Step 6: Apply the shampoo again and really go around. Now you will wash the skin and get out the remaining dirt and oil. Use your hands over the whole body to really wash the dog or the brush of you also want to get rid of remaining frizz. (again do not wash your dogs face) 

Step 7: Leave the shampoo for a couple of minutes as it is also a conditioner! This step is especially important for the “CBD enhanced version” as it will take a minimum of 3 minutes for the CBD’s properties to take effect. 

Step 8: Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly (which is also a conditioner!) 

Step 9: Dry the dog with a towel or hair dryer 

Step 10: Enjoy the shine and feel the softness! 

How to wash your dogs face: 

It is better not to get any shampoo into your dog eyes and ears. We therefore recommend not to use the shampoo on the face, or if necessary, to do it afterwards and be carefully. If it is not perse needed to wash your dog’s face, then just pour water over his head and wash manually or with our candid brush if you want to eliminate frizz. 

Why hemp seed oil in shampoo? 

Researchers have found that hair can incorporate hemp seed oil. Although scientist are not yet clear on the specific mechanism of which hemp seed oil may benefit the hair, hemp seed oil has been linked to benefitting the hair in the following ways:  

  • by adding shine 
  • by moisturizing the hair (softness) 
  • by thickening the hair (softness) 
  • by reviving damaged hair (softness) 

Like that is not enough, some studies all suggest that hemp seed oil can help relieve the symptoms of dry skin and itchiness in atopic dermatitis.  


Why “CBD enhanced”? 

 The 4th S: SKIN

  • Can relax the skin
  • Can repair the skin
  • Can help with dermatitis

Most people know CBD due to its benefits for anxiety and inflammation. Nevertheless, CBD can also have many benefits for hair and more importantly, your pet’s fur.  

Most of these benefits are like the ones of hemp seed oil, containing many of the same fatty acids and minerals that help moisturize, thicken, and revive the hair. Plus the cannabinoids included this effect is even further enhanced these effect. Furthermore, many in the CBD wellness & beauty industry argue that CBD can increase the efficacy and absorption of other ingredients. Our CBD enhanced version utilizes broad spectrum CBD and contains 0% THC


Lastly, CBD oil is often believed to have several skin and inflammatory benefits and may help with joint mobility issues. Making the “CBD enhanced” version an excellent choice for a more senior dog that is starting to get mobility issues or loosing it’s shine and softness.

Furthermore, studies have shown CBD can help with Atopical Dermatitis, something of which 27% of dogs suffer. 


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How to use the Candid Brush?  

Open the cap and pour in your candid shampoo. Tightly close the cab again. While washing, squeeze the brush slightly to dispense the shampoo in your dog’s fur. 

Why to use the Candid Brush?

Your pet will enjoy the feeling. Also, your candid shampoo has benefits for the skin that can be better leveraged by allowing the brush to make sure the shampoo reaches your dog’s skin.