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Apply a small amount to your finger tips and gently rub into the paw pads and nose and leave to absorb. Apply a thin layer over the desired area 2x/day. For dry and cracked skin. 

Why Candid nose & Paw CBD balm? 

CandidTails’ Nose & Paw balm will be suitable for all breeds and ages. The CBD has properties that repair the skin, paws & nose of pets. Moreover, we will the CBD, hemp seed oil and ingredients that can nourish, replenish, smooth or moisturize the paws & nose. We have made the balm unscented for less licking. You can learn more about our veterinarian selected formula in the ingredients tab of our product page. 

Can I use CBD nose and paw balm on other body parts? 

Yes, CBD can help to hydrate and may repair the skin. In line with the most common issue for cat’s and dogs it is mainly used for:  

  • Chafed elbows
  • Sunburned noses
  • Cracked pads
  • Itchy skin
  • Joint mobility

CBD nose and paws balm can have many skin care benefits. Dry noses and paws are often uncomfortable but not a major health risks. Still, sometimes it can be a symptom of something more severe. Please, if you are concerned enough to read this, take care of  your friend and check with your veterinarian if our balm will be enough.