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Tito: The miracle cat

by Alex De Cort on Sep 29, 2021

Picture of a grey cat standing up straight leaning and lurking over a chair

This is Tito, although we call him Titi.

This cutie appeared at Sandra's door on a rainy summer day morning inside a box. He must have been about 40 days old, according to the vet.

Titi was a very affectionate and playful kitten but he had a problem ... he couldn't move his hind legs or control toilet training. It is not known what happened to him, but something must have crushed his hip causing this damage.

When the vet saw him, he recommended euthanizing him. "This cat is never going to be able to walk" he said. Sandra wasn't going to give up so fast.

She had no money to pay for a treatment for the new member of her family, but  did have a big heart. Every day, twice a day, for months Sandra did mobility exercises on his little legs, exercises that a doctor at the hospital where she worked had taught her.

Little by little, Titi began to go to the bathroom alone, then to walk and after a few months the kitten was already running everywhere around his new home.

Time passed, the kitten was growing and gaining strength although he never managed to jump like a normal cat. Sandra sometimes saw him in pain, and he had a little leg shook for no reason as well. Wanting to help her little friend, she started researching new exercises and natural remedies. She asked her friends at the hospital, who recommended remedies that Sandra was not convinced by.

Until one afternoon she got together to chat with a friend she hadn't seen in years, who told her that she suffered from bone pain and her doctor had recommended taking a few drops of CBD oil in the morning. These droplets made Laura's pain stop.

Sandra later discovered, doing research on the internet, that this oil could also be used on animals. She read that it did not have serious side effects such as medications. The latter was what convinced her.

Titi started with a small dose of CBD oil and, within a few weeks, he was energized like never before. He was a happy kitten.


Miracles do exist and Tito is one of them!

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