Did you know CBD can help your pet in all these ways?

by Candid Tails on Mar 03, 2022

Did you know CBD can help your pet in all these ways?


 The numerous benefits CBD may offer are:  

  • Reducing inflammation and pain 
  • Reducing seizures (from epilepsy) 
  • Inhibiting tumor cell growth and cancer 
  • Moisturizing and stimulating healthy hair 
  • Treating skin diseases  
  • Reducing anxiety 

Regarding your dog’s behavior, the following quotes where found in a scientific article studying CBD use for pain:  

  • “She’s more like a puppy”; “ 
  • “He is acting like a much younger dog”;  
  •  “I haven’t seen him play like this for a long time.” 

In the same study ,  observations of increased energy and stamina for daily activities were: more attentiveness, animation and improved mentally engagement. Overall feedback from 95% of the owners indicated they felt their dogs’ quality of life had improved after starting the CBD product. 

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In the remaining part of this article, you ‘ll find a more detailed explanation on each of these issues with a link to the scientific studies to show where we get this information from.

CBD Can Reduce Inflammation and Pain 

Inflammation is a response that happens in the body where it produces white blood cells to protect against bacteria and viruses. However, an inflammation response can also occur due to auto-immune conditions such as arthritis or type 2 diabetes. This is when there is no bacteria or virus, yet the body reacts in the same way. In addition, inflammation is what causes pain in the body.

Due to the link between inflammation and pain, reducing inflammation is a way to relieve pain. This is especially important with chronic auto-immune conditions like arthritis, where symptoms are pain, specifically in the joints, fatigue, swelling and skin rashes. There has been a 66% increase in animal arthritis in the last 10 years and it is estimated that 1 in 4 dogs suffers from it.

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For dogs suffering from chronic auto-immune conditions like arthritis, reducing the inflammatory response will help relieve their pain, which can be done which can be done efficiently by either ingesting CBD oil for pets or using CBD Balms for pets topically.

To access the studies for the abovementioned link between CBD and arthritis, click here.

CBD Can Reduce Seizures 

Epilepsy is a neurological condition characterized by repeated seizures. It’s difficult to deal with seizures since these can happen often and at any point during the day or night. If your dog suffers from seizures, it’s important to consult a medical professional and learn how to support your dog during them.

So how does CBD relate to epilepsy and seizures? Well, CBD can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. In a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, reportedly 90% of the dogs receiving CBD had reduced seizure activity. Although CBD cannot be used to cure or treat epilepsy, it is a valuable addition in improving your dog’s quality of life if they suffer from epilepsy.  

Practically, the CBD product to use in this case is Pet CBD oil or Petibidiol.  

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CBD Can Inhibit Tumor Cell Growth and Cancer 

More then 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will suffer from cancer. CBD is often chosen as a preferable option to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as there are less adverse side effects and can help sooth dogs from their pain. Interestingly, CBD has also been linked to reducing cancer cell growth. In one study, CBD was found to increase cancer cell death and reduce mitochondria function. As some of you may remember from high school, “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”. Without mitochondria function, the cancer cells cannot continue to grow and spread. This means that with CBD, the glioma cells, which are cancer cells in the brain and spinal cord, will spread much slower.  

CBD oil one way to fight the cancer cells your pet is suffering from without using any heavy medication that may cause side effects. 

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CBD Can Moisturizes and Repair the Nose and Paws

CBD in an oil, balm or cream can be used for skin dryness. Dogs can experience dryness on areas like their nose or paws, which can be very uncomfortable. To solve this, rubbing a balm with CBD on those areas will reduce the dryness and itching. Certain research suggests this is because CBD strengthens the skin and due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

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Why CBD is used in Shampoos

In terms of healthy hair, or healthy dog fur, CBD can also be applied. CBD can help if a dog is suffering from hair loss, such as due to fleas or allergies. This is because it calms the skin and reduces itching. CBD oil also contains omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, which are fatty acids that boost hair growth and strength. This can thus give your dog a shiny and healthy-looking fur. A benefit of topical CBD use is that it is safe and easy to apply.

This is why CBD shampoo is rising in popularity.

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CBD and Atopic Dermatitis

 Canine atopic dermatitis (AD) is a multifactorial allergic disease that affects up to 27% of dogs and is associated with immune dysfunction and abnormal skin barrier Due to elevated costs and side effects of traditional medication, natural treatments are constantly being developed

Cannabidiol is able to downregulate key actors involved in the development and progression of this dermatological disease. You can read about the studies on AD and CBD here.

CBD and Anxiety 

It may be surprising to hear, but 1/3 of dogs suffer from anxiety. The symptoms of anxiety in dogs and the different types of dog anxiety can be found in our previous post.

There is a growing research base of the use of CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders. It is believed that CBD anti-stress effects could depend on serotonin (5HT1A) receptor activation. Serotonin is often labeled the 'happiness hormone' because contributes to the feeling of well-being reason. 

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Indirect Effects of Using CBD on Dogs

As can be read in the rest of the article, there are numerous benefits to using CBD for pets. There are also indirect benefits, such as the relief of pain and anxiety increasing your dog's appetite. You may also notice improvements in their behavior, such as becoming more energetic and playful. On the other hand, they may also become sleepier for a while if they haven’t been sleeping well and are finally able to rest without pain. Another indirect effect, resulting from less anxiety, is aggression. This has been shown in this study on aggression in shelter dogs towards humans.  


The countless benefits of CBD include but are not limited to pain, epilepsy inhibition of cancer cell growth, moisturizing and stimulating healthy hair, helping against dermatitis or reducing anxiety. It may also lead to positive changes in your dog’s appetite and behavior. If you are considering using CBD to treat your dog, please remember to always consult a vet first.

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