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Hemp Treats ~ Naturally occuring CBD [Pre-Order NOW for 15% off]

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These candid Hemp Snacks contain 40+ snacks per pack with on ~2,5mg CBD per snack. They are ideal to give your pet a healthy supportive snack with benefits.

🌿 100% natural
🐔 Delicious chicken and powerfull herbs
❎Sugar free
🌍 Produced free of pesticides
🔬 3th party lab tested
🩺 Veterinary approved

⚕️ Lasts 30+ days for small dogs when used daily as sole cannabinoids product.
🐕In case of senior big dogs, combining CBD oils and treats is recommended. Young dogs may have enough already with the recommended quantities provided. Expected PRE-ORDER DELIVERY: +/- 2 Weeks

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Hemp Treats ~ Naturally occuring CBD  [Pre-Order NOW for 15% off]

Hemp Treats ~ Naturally occuring CBD [Pre-Order NOW for 15% off]

Regular price €14,99
Sale price €14,99 Regular price

Help you best friend in many ways


Securely purchase your CBD-based product with a few clicks.


Get it shipped directly to your mailbox in 3/5 business days.


Enjoy your pet's new lifestyle, full of energy and happiness.

Why adding CBD to your dog's diet?

In comparison to artificial solutions or natural ones that are not scientifically proven, our CBD based products will truly make a difference to your pet's life.

CBD for maintaining calmth and comfort

✅May help dogs maintain a calmer disposition
✅May be helpful for dogs that are left home alone for more then 5 hours per day
✅Commonly us for loud noises like thunderstorm and fireworks.
✅Perfect for dog parents that like traveling with their dog who don't like car drives or plane flights
✅Can serve as a great complement for dog training purposes by helping the dog cope with external stimuli and react in a calm manner without getting distracted.
✅When taking your dog out to busy places, CBD oil can keep your reactive dog from being too overwhelmed

!!CBD is not a medicine and is not meant to prevent or cure any diseases!!

CBD snacks for healthy joints and mobility of dogs

✅Supports maintaining hips, joint and bones healthy
✅Helps keeping dogs active and mobile which will in return be beneficial for the health of their joints
✅Commonly used in older dogs that are losing mobility or for keeping the joints of younger and very active dogs strong and healthy
✅When your pet has undergone an operation, CBD oil may help improving the quality of life of your dog during the recovery process

CBD snacks for a healthy skin and coat

✅May help with itchiness caused by seasonal allergies
✅Has been tested and proven safe for pets
✅Contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that are necessary for maintaing a healthy skin and coat

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5 1500+ of happy pet owners

Trusted by hundreds of pet-owners

Optimal for anxiety control

The best solution to control anxiety, in addition to all the other advantages it offers.

Fabiana Duarte

Already seeing results!

I have been using it for a week with my dog and I am already seeing great effects. It is an awesome product.

Kevin D.

Thanks Candid Tails

My dog wants to thank Candid Tails. She is in love with the product, and so are we!

Igor Donck

Awesome product

I've been using it for a week with my dog and I'm already seeing great effects! Awesome product!!! 😀✌🏼

Arthur Grisar

Very pleased

I was very pleased that my order was shipped quickly. I was without product for a week and really noticed the difference.


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