How do I know my rabbit has arthritis?

by Alex De Cort on Apr 11, 2021

como saber si mi conejo tiene artritis,a golden brown rabbit looking carefully at his environment sitting up straight

The main symptoms of arthritis in RABBITS are:

Preference to stay put: When moving hurts, your rabbit will prefer to sit still. Makes sense right?  
Stiffness: In particular after lying down.
Wet belly: Arthritis can make your rabbit incapable of taking on it’s usual position when peeing.. 
Eating less: Arthritis may cause your rabbit to stop eating as much as he used to.  
Aggression: Don’t take it personal, your rabbit is just in pain.  
What can I do when my rabbit has arthritis? 
Unfortunately there is no cure for arthritis. What you can do as a rabbit owner is: watch your rabbit’s diet (avoid ovewreight), keep your rabbit warm, and keep your rabbit clean. To ease the pain, you can also consider giving your rabbit CBD.