6 reasons to consider giving CBD to your dog (#3 is very common)

by Candid Tails on May 08, 2022

6 reasons to consider giving CBD to your dog (#3 is very common)


CBD for dogs is quickly gaining popularity among pet owners who prefer natural options over conventional medications. Dogs are like family, and if your dog's health is at risk, it truly hits home. CBD is primarily used to improve the quality of life of your four-legged friends who may be suffering from chronic pain, inflammatory processes, anxiety, epilepsy, skin-related problems or cancer.

1) CBD can be of use for your four-legged friend's chronic pain

For many elderly dogs, the development of dysplasia, a chronic disease manifested in the form of arthritis, is inevitable. At this time, there is no cure for this joint disease. CBD oil has the potential to reduce pain, thereby increasing your dog's mobility and quality of life. 

2) CBD and its anti-inflammatory potential

Closely related to chronic pain is inflammation. Studies have shown that CBD oil may regulate when applied topically. The main causes of inflammation are dysplasia, arthritis, dermatitis, inflammatory bowel disease...

Hip - dysplasia is one of the most common reasons for pain in dogs

3) CBD for your dog in more anxious situations

As an owner of a dog that is more reactive to stimuli in the environment, you know what this is all about. Whenever you leave the house, your pet cries and, at worst, comes home to a destroyed house. Other forms of anxiety can be aggression toward other dogs and humans, or a tucked tail and droopy ears when someone approaches. Fireworks and thunder are also common triggers for dogs with anxiety, giving them a "not-so-happy" New Year's Eve.

CBD interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system that regulates these emotions and, by restoring balance, may create a sense of calm.


The world can be overwhelming for young dogs

 4) CBD may reduce the number of epileptic seizures in your dog with epilepsy

With 1% of all dogs suffering from epilepsy, this is still a feature of CBD oil worth mentioning. CBD has been shown in several studies to decrease the number of epileptic seizures in dogs with epilepsy.

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5) The use of CBD in maintaining a healthy skin and coat

If your dog is scratching all the time, this does not imply that he has fleas. In most cases it will be due to dermatitis, with 27% of dogs needing a specialized shampoo to cure or prevent the problem. Excessive scratching, rubbing on the carpet, redness or rashes on the belly, dark skin and hair loss are all symptoms of this disease. CBD shampoo for dogs may help, as studies have shown that it can reduce inflammation and may help with hair growth (also interesting for us bald men!!)

6) CBD as an aid in the fight against cancer

Cancer, the disease we all know and some have seen too closely, can plague our pet. In fact, over 50% of dogs over the age of 10 have developed it. CBD can help with the pain associated with cancer and studies have shown that it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Adding CBD to the diet of a dog suffering from cancer may positively impact your pets quality of life.

Caring for a dog with cancer

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